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In The Media

Explore a wealth of expert insights on mental health.  Jennifer Zator, owner of Peace and Wellness Therapy Services,  has contributed to various blogs, sharing valuable advice and information on mental wellness, as well as attended as a guest speaker on the podcast "The End in Mind." In addition, Jennifer has spoken at several support groups including United Ostomy Association and Perfect Ten Physical Therapy, as well as presented for The Mast Cell Disease Society and Danielle Vaccaro Movement (exercise physiologist, registered yoga teacher, and movement coach), providing helpful tools to manage mental health and cope with chronic illness.  Furthermore, Jennifer has attended several National Eating Disorder Association walks to spread awareness, and increase education and understanding of eating disorders, weight, and body image.  Empower yourself with knowledge and discover tools for your well-being journey.

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Blog Contributions

Danielle Vaccaro Movement

Jennifer Zator has collaborated with Danielle Vaccaro in a presentation on Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and mental health, providing practical tools for wellbeing and addressing community inquiries. Danielle is an Exercise Physiologist, Registered Yoga Teacher and Movement Coach who has transformed her approach to movement to better serve herself and others living in chronic pain. 

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National Eating Disorder Association 

Is a leading eating disorders organization, which works to advance research, community building, and awareness to support the nearly 30 million people who will experience an eating disorder in their lifetime. NEDA provides resources for patients, loved ones, children, students, and educators. Jennifer Zator has attended numerous NEDA walks to support the organization, raise awareness, and provide education.


Jennifer Zator is a passionate advocate for mental health and overall wellbeing. She has been a guest speaker at various presentations, events, support groups, and podcasts, where she shares her expertise on mental and emotional health. Jennifer has also held numerous workshops focused on chronic illness, discussing its impact on mental and emotional well-being. She provides practical tools and strategies to instantly improve health, aiming to expand awareness and enhance physical, emotional, and mental wellness for all.

Image by Vika Strawberrika
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